beacon technology adoption taking off?

Every now and then it is good to catch up with the statistics regarding beacon technology deployment. These statistics are mostly US based but are probably a good reflection of where the UK is heading and indicates that the market is developing very well. This information was collected at the beginning of 2015, so doesn’t reflect the arrival of Google’s Eddystone.


Many well-known companies are already into beacons
• Major League Baseball
• Orlando Magic
• Marriott
• Starwood Hotels
• Tesco
• Virgin Airlines
• EasyJet
• American Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Coca Cola
• Oscar Mayer
• Hillshire
• Walgreens
• Walmart
• Hammerson
• Nivea
• American Eagle
• Macy’s
• Lord & Taylor
• Levi’s
• Philips
• and finally Apple


Not all are retailers, but many of them are and we think it is telling that so many high-profile companies have implemented beacon technology. With such companies investing money into the technology, there would seem to be a pretty decent chance of its continued growth.
This chance has increased enormously with the announcement of Google’s Eddystone beacon system in July. Once the two beacon system are incorporated into third party beacon hardware and we have updated our admin system the prospects for beacons engagements during the rest of 2015 and into 2016 are looking very rosy.


As you can see, 85% of retailers in the US are slated to adopt beacon technology by the end of 2016. That’s just an estimate, and the table was complied before Eddystone and 1bn android users arrived, but we think it’s pretty safe to say beacon technology is certainly set to be a prolific part of the retail environment very soon.


New retail etiquette
A lot has been written about the potential negative effects of beacons, especially it becoming the new spam and actually backfiring on businesses. This danger is very likely overstated as we, our customers and retailers are already very well aware of the problem and will develop a new notifications etiquette (along with their customers) to deal with it. Initially, for instance, we have helpful features build into our admin that controls the timing and frequency of notifications.