Knowledge on pokies vs slots

If you are ever browsing around the internet for the online casino sites, you know the term called pokie in common. If you don’t have an idea about the pokies get to know about it if you are having a passion for playing the casino. Most of the peoples in the world call it the slots or slot machines but why the term gets substitute with the pokie or pokies, to get a clear understanding to know about the pokies meaning and take a look at this below content.

What the pokies don’t mean

If you are looking forward to the meaning of word pokies in the urban dictionary you will never get an idea about it because it is slang.

Meaning of pokies

In Australia and New Zealand, the term poker is used and the pokies terminology is the shortened term of poker machine. With the nickname of antipodes, the term pokies get arises. Like the other games the pokies to have the video and mostly you can find it in most of the pubs and clubs. These video screens are supposed to show the actual spinning reels nowadays. Now the word pokies using to denote all the slot machines in Australia and New Zealand.

Pokies vs slot

In pokies vs slots, pokies are commonly called as slots in other places of the world, the pokie is the accent language. You might get the funny looks if you ask pokie from the Vegas or Atlantic City people.

Slang of slot from around the world

You can visualize the word pokie is more sounds funny than the term slots all around the world. In some parts of the world the word slot machines too funny and the US, the slot machines are also said to be the one-armed bandits, which is very strange for the people from the other country. On the sides of England, the slot machines are said to be Fruit machines, if you go further north on the island and in Scotland they call it Puggys. These fluorescent coloured machines offer you enough entertainment and nobody doesn’t care about the different slang that is used to call it everyone only looks at their funniest side.

Final words

The casino is your favourite gaming you have to know about the difference between the pokies and slots and should aware of the other slangs and words that are used to denote it.